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Our Mission:

This website was created out of necessity. As a Cambridge native, I grew up around lots of intelligent people. None of them particularly struggled to find “a job” however, some of them struggled to find something that really matched their passion and enthusiasm. Cambridge has it all, nobody should have to settle for working somewhere for terrible money and a poor alignment of values. We aim to be the one stop shop for all things in the area, whether it be activities, jobs, accommodation, clubs, and many more.


I’ve found there is a lack of resources out there for people moving to Cambridge for internships, jobs, or life changes in general. We want to put that right and focus on serving the community with all the tools they need to be successful after they move to Cambridge.

We want to make this the one-stop place to find jobs, flatmates, and generally get the best out of Cambridge.

Graduate Jobs in Cambridge:

Looking for a graduate job in Cambridge can be overwhelming, so we have created a whole page dedicated to every single company we have found that hires graduates. You will be able to use this tool to find companies you may have never heard of! Or to do some further digging on those that you have. This database is a work in progress, so please bear with us!



If you are planning to study on a visa whilst in Cambridge and then looking to take on a graduate job, you should consider some of the below articles. Getting a Graduate job on a visa is never easy, but as I have worked on the inside of the system (for a big corporate) I can help you to do this. These include, an overall view, working on a graduate visa (sometimes called working student visa).

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