Growing up in Cambridge, I can tell you that people move here for the safe atmosphere, top-notch quality of life, and the charming, compact city center. It’s a pricey city, but trust me, if you can afford it, it’s the perfect place to call home and one of the best places to live in the UK.

But to find the perfect neighborhood in Cambridge, you have to consider your reasons for moving. That’s why I’ve put together this handy guide with information on the best neighborhoods in Cambridge and tips on where to stay.

From trendy areas, family-friendly spots, hidden gems, and everything in between, you’ll find it here. So grab your riverboat, dust off your old graduation cap, and let’s explore the best neighborhoods in Cambridge!

  1. Cambridge City Center Best for: Sightseeing, green spaces, and living in the heart of the city

Living in the city center has its perks—famous attractions like King’s College Chapel, Christ’s College, and All Saints Church are just a stone’s throw away. Plus, there’s plenty of outdoor space and a more relaxed vibe than other UK city centers.

  1. Petersfield Best for: Affordable living close to the city center and the trendy Romsey Town

Located just east of the city center, Petersfield is a more affordable option with a mix of college buildings and cheap eats, perfect for young people and those not fussed about the finer things in life.

  1. Romsey Town Best for: A hip and welcoming atmosphere, multicultural eats, and thrift stores

This trendy neighborhood on Mill Road is perfect for hipsters and those who love a good thrift store find. Plus, it’s a welcoming community with multicultural eats and a lively atmosphere.

  1. Cambridge Station Area Best for: Frequent train travel, getting active, and living between the city and the outskirts

Conveniently located near Cambridge train station, this area is perfect for commuters and those who love physical activities, with several sports centers nearby.

  1. Cherry Hinton Best for: A quiet life, raising a family, and finding a relatively affordable home

Located near Romsey Town, Cherry Hinton is a safe, quiet, and comfortable area with pretty outdoor spaces and decent schools, making it one of the most affordable family-friendly districts in Cambridge.

  1. Newnham and Newtown Best for: Families, walks along the River Cam, and suburban life near the city

These family-friendly neighborhoods southwest of the city center offer lovely green spaces and access to the River Cam. With great schools and family-friendly attractions, they’re ideal for those moving with kids.

  1. Chesterton Best for: Families, suburban life close to the city, and exploring lesser-known green spaces

Chesterton is a village-like area close to the city center, offering a nice balance between city life and rural perks. It’s perfect for families with kids, thanks to its safe atmosphere and abundance of green spaces.

  1. Barnwell Best for: Soccer fans, quick conveniences, and cozy charm

Barnwell is a cozy and quaint suburb, perfect for families. With Cambridge City Football Club’s Abbey Stadium nearby, it’s a great spot for soccer fans.

And that’s it! These are the 8 best neighborhoods in Cambridge. Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect one for you. If you’re struggling to find a home in the city, consider a serviced apartment or flat for a comfortable, homely, and welcoming experience.



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