Cambridge, a city famous for its prestigious university and rich history, offers a variety of accommodation options for visitors. While many establishments provide a comfortable and welcoming stay, it’s essential to be cautious of those that may not meet your expectations. In this article, we will explore the Tenison Bed & Breakfast in Cambridge and discuss the reasons it may not be the best choice for your visit, based on concerning customer reviews.

Customer Reviews:

When booking accommodation, it’s always important to consider the experiences of past guests. Unfortunately, Tenison Bed & Breakfast has received negative feedback that could discourage potential visitors.

  1. Unreliable Check-in Time and Refusal of Refund

A guest who had booked a stay at the Tenison Bed & Breakfast faced disappointment upon arrival. While the check-in time was stated to close at 6pm, the booking website provided an option for late check-in between 11pm and midnight. However, when the guest arrived during this time, the agreement was not honored, and they were turned away. They had to drive back to London to find a bed and were refused a refund by the manager.

  1. Poor Accommodation Quality and Lack of Amenities

Another guest shared their disappointing experience at the Tenison Bed & Breakfast. Although the B&B was conveniently located close to the train station and clean, the guest encountered several issues during their stay. They struggled with check-in, as the landlady did not answer calls, texts, or emails. The rooms were described as tiny, and their bedroom was dangerously hot in July. The fan provided was old, noisy, and not very useful. The bathroom had no shelves and seemed to be fashioned out of a tiny closet with a see-through door. The beds and pillows were uncomfortable, and the WiFi was poor. Additionally, the common area was locked, further limiting their access to amenities.

Based on these concerning reviews, it is clear that Tenison Bed & Breakfast in Cambridge may not be the ideal choice for your stay. Issues with unreliable check-in times, refusal of refunds, and poor accommodation quality can lead to a disappointing experience. When planning your trip to the beautiful city of Cambridge, it is advisable to avoid Tenison Bed & Breakfast and opt for a more reputable accommodation option. Always remember to read customer reviews and conduct thorough research to ensure a pleasant and memorable stay in this historic city.



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