AstraZeneca, a global leader in pharmaceutical innovation, offers an array of exciting career opportunities for recent graduates at their Cambridge location. The company is committed to creating an inclusive work environment that fosters creativity and helps young professionals grow both personally and professionally. If you’re a recent graduate looking to kickstart your career in the pharmaceutical industry, AstraZeneca’s Cambridge hub could be the ideal place for you.

Graduate Programmes

AstraZeneca’s Graduate Programmes open doors for those with bachelor’s and master’s degrees, covering a broad range of functions and specialities. The company values the fresh perspectives brought by graduates, encouraging them to take the initiative and contribute meaningfully to project teams. Their Biometrics Graduate Programme, for instance, allows recent graduates to work cross-functionally with experts in a stimulating environment, applying their knowledge to contribute to the design, data analytics, and interpretation of innovative medicines.

Apprenticeships and Internships

In addition to graduate programmes, AstraZeneca offers apprenticeships and internships, which provide a practical hands-on learning experience. Their apprenticeship schemes in the UK cover business, digital technology solutions, and science. Each of these pathways offers opportunities to work on real projects and gain valuable industry-specific knowledge.

Their Business Apprenticeships involve roles in finance, human resources, project management, and supply chain, supporting research and development in various ways. Digital, Technology Solutions, and Data Apprenticeships entail working in the IT organization, driving technological innovation, and improving the IT environment. The Scientific Apprenticeships involve working in laboratories, pushing the boundaries of science, and contributing to the development of life-changing medicines.

Internships at AstraZeneca offer insight into particular sectors or roles within the global organization. These positions vary in length and aim, providing a great opportunity for individuals to build their skills, confidence, and capabilities under the guidance and support of committed supervisors.

The Cambridge Hub

AstraZeneca’s Research & Development (R&D) Centre and Corporate Headquarters in Cambridge, inaugurated in November 2021, is at the heart of the company’s operations in the UK. A whopping $1.3 billion investment went into building this world-class facility, which now accommodates more than 2,200 research scientists.

The Cambridge facility, covering approximately 11 acres, is home to high-tech labs, open spaces, and pathways designed to encourage collaboration. The site also houses operations to support AstraZeneca’s scientific work, including regulatory affairs and commercial units, along with an energy centre equipped with power generators, heating and cooling systems, IT and other telecommunication systems.

This site is AstraZeneca’s biggest centre for oncology research, hosting additional research on respiratory, inflammation and autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and conditions of the central nervous system. The centre has been designed with a focus on fostering a collaborative working environment, featuring modern and innovative workspaces, and a unique design that encourages short connections and collaborative work.


Cambridge, as a hub for AstraZeneca, offers an incredible launchpad for recent graduates looking to make their mark in the pharmaceutical industry. Through a range of graduate programmes, apprenticeships, and internships, AstraZeneca provides the platform for young professionals to build their skills and contribute to life-changing work.

Please note that I wasn’t able to find specific job openings at the Cambridge location for recent graduates at the time of writing. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the AstraZeneca careers page or similar job posting sites.



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