Cambridge, UK, is a hub of innovation in the biotech sector, hosting major biopharmaceutical companies like AstraZeneca and rising stars such as Abcam and Bicycle Therapeutics. With a rich ecosystem of research, development, and commercialization, Cambridge offers a plethora of opportunities for new graduates to build rewarding careers in the biotech industry.

AstraZeneca: A Global Leader in Biopharmaceuticals

AstraZeneca is a global pioneer in the biopharmaceutical industry, known for its cutting-edge medical innovation and a culture that nurtures creativity and personal and professional growth. The company offers a variety of pathways for graduates, including Business Apprenticeships, Digital Technology Solutions and Data Apprenticeships, and Scientific Apprenticeships in their Cambridge and Macclesfield locations in the UK​1​.

In addition to these apprenticeships, AstraZeneca provides internships for individuals who wish to gain an insight into a particular sector or role within their global organization. These internships vary in length and aim, offering excellent opportunities for early career professionals to build skills and confidence​1​.

For those who have completed their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, AstraZeneca’s Graduate Programmes present a broad range of opportunities. One such programme is the Biometrics Graduate Programme, which offers graduates the chance to work cross-functionally with experts in a stimulating environment, enabling them to apply their knowledge to accelerate their career and make an impact​1​.

AstraZeneca’s R&D centre and corporate headquarters in Cambridge, inaugurated in November 2021, is a state-of-the-art facility where over 2,200 research scientists work. The site also hosts research in a wide range of therapeutic areas and includes high-tech labs and open spaces to encourage collaboration​2​.

Abcam: Accelerating Scientific Discovery

Abcam is another standout player in the Cambridge biotech scene. The company has been providing tools to the scientific community for over 20 years, aiding faster scientific breakthroughs. They value dedicated, agile, and audacious individuals who can contribute to driving science forward​3​. Their current job opportunities can be found on their official careers page.

Bicycle Therapeutics: A Rising Star in the Biotech Industry

Bicycle Therapeutics, with its mission to make a life-changing impact on patients suffering from cancer and other diseases, offers exciting opportunities for graduates. Their team operates across two sites, one of which is located in the life science cluster of Cambridge, UK​4​. Their open positions in Cambridge, UK, include roles in Clinical Development, Clin Pharm/DMPK, Operations, Chemistry, Information Technology & Informatics, and Business Development​5​.

In conclusion, graduates seeking a career in the biotech industry in Cambridge, UK, have a wealth of opportunities at their disposal. From global leaders like AstraZeneca to innovative biotech companies like Abcam and Bicycle Therapeutics, there are numerous pathways to explore and contribute to groundbreaking scientific discovery.



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